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Beautiful, high quality sticker designs that teachers and kids love. Personalise our sticker designs by adding your name, thereby creating a personal message to your students. Sticker packs are delivered monthly.

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Choose between our two plan options to determine your sticker needs.


Let us know how you'd like your stickers personalised. A popular option is your title and last name. However, we can personalise it with any name you choose.

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Now, sit back and relax. Let us do the rest of the work, and your fabulous personalised stickers will arrive at your front door each month.

Why Choose Us

At Stickers4Teachers, we believe that little things can make the biggest impact, and something as small as a sticker can motivate and engage students. With our bright and engaging designs, students will do backflips (stickers will not make students actually perform backflips, but it is certain they will show you a huge smile) to get their hands on these stickers.

What makes your stickers even better is that they are personalised for YOU! No more boring ‘good job’ stickers. Cool and colourful is the way to go!

We love a deal, so we’ve packed loads of stickers into each pack, whilst locking the price in as low as we can possibly go.

  • Looking for something to engage students? You've found it!
  • Looking for a way to motivate students? You've found it!
  • Looking for a way to reward students? You've found it!

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282 Stickers Including:
162 personalised stickers
120 mini stickers

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544 Stickers Including:
324 personalised stickers
240 mini stickers

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I highly recommend Stickers 4 Teachers. It is exciting for my students and me when we receive a new set each month. I teach students from Reception all the way through to year 12, and they all love receiving a personalised sticker. The comments on them are current for the students of today. I even have kids trying to sneak an extra sticker so they can have a complete set for the month! The variety of designs is fabulous, and I never have to buy stickers from anywhere else now. Thank you!

Denise, Unity College, SA, R-12

My students enjoy receiving the stickers in their books and are especially excited to see my name being mentioned in the stickers. Each month they're waiting excitedly to see what designs and quotes will be on the next pack. I'm especially grateful that the stickers come in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing. This ensures my stickers are not damaged or ruined during the postage and further helps make it easier to store and carry around the classroom.

Ayesha, Year 2

Amazing sticker subscription that my kids get excited about each month. We usually open the envelope together and go through the new designs. Kids come from other classes to show me their work and get a 'special' sticker. Would highly recommend!

Mandy, Bondi Beach Public School, NSW, Foundation

I adore the Stickers 4 Teachers and have had many colleagues comment on them. The students love them and think they're fantastic as well. Great design ideas, funny play on words with sayings, bright and colourful. Well done!!

Julie, East Kenwick Primary School, WA, P-6

Stickers 4 Teachers are a must! Not only are they a nice surprise to receive each month, the novelty of not just new, but personalised stickers are a huge motivator in class. This is especially the case in older years, when they are usually getting past the point of thinking stickers are 'cool'. These stickers are high quality and work wonders as a form of positive reinforcement!

Jackie, Gladesville Public School, NSW, Year 4

I highly recommend Stickers 4 Teachers as they are of high quality and have great designs. The yearly subscription is cost effective, and it is so exciting to receive new personalised stickers every month. The students in my class get just as excited to see the new stickers and have fun choosing their favourite. There is always a sticker that every student loves each month! I am one delighted customer!

Tori, Year 2

Stickers 4 Teachers provides high quality, personalised stickers that students love to receive. Each pack contains a range of sticker designs that appeal to a wide range of students - everyone will find something they want.

Craig, Bluff State School, QLD, Year 4

My stickers arrive each month from Stickers 4 Teachers and are packed so carefully that they arrive in pristine condition. My students are always excited to see the new designs and pick their favourites. I never run out of stickers now!
Jeanette, Gumdale State School, QLD, Foundation

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